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Sharing Session With Kominfo

Sharing Seesion Bersama Kominfo

Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri (MTM) recently organized a sharing session by inviting the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) to discuss various aspects related to digital transformation and cyber security. Held at Merlynn Park Hotel in Jakarta, this sharing session focused on the theme “Foresting Digital Transformation Through Strategic Collaboration.” The event provided an excellent opportunity for insights into the digital landscape, expanding professional networks, and gaining a deeper understanding of the role of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics in advancing the information technology sector in Indonesia. The sharing session also aimed to serve as a platform for cyber security knowledge, including handling measures in the event of account breaches.

The event began with opening remarks from officials of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) and MTM. Subsequently, discussions revolved around collaborative growth in the digital ecosystem and cyber security, followed by a session of discussions and Q&A. MTM hoped that through this sharing session, they could identify the needs and challenges faced and provide benefits to both online and offline participants, enhancing understanding, strengthening synergy, and achieving common goals. In this forum, MTM presented solutions to assist in managing and analyzing the needs of companies, including the Ministry of Kominfo, in protecting infrastructure and crucial data from cyber threats.

MTM offers a solution that aligns with the latest industry standards in the increasingly competitive business landscape. As a provider of ICT service solutions, MTM recognizes the escalating impact of cyber threats that can disrupt business processes. Therefore, the company emphasizes the importance of anticipating and preparing specific strategies to safeguard the security of corporate data. In this sharing session, MTM aims to enhance awareness and concern for cyber security through various industry-focused programs.


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