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The implementation of ISO is a manifestation of MTM’s commitment to providing internationally standardized services

Implementasi ISO

In the midst of increasingly competitive business competition, innovation and excellence are key factors for companies to survive and thrive. It is not only about focusing on the quality of products or services, but the implementation of international standards also plays a crucial role in the success of a company. The adoption of ISO standards not only has a positive impact on internal performance but also provides tangible benefits to customers and stakeholders.

As a commitment to customer satisfaction, MTM as an ICT Services Solution company continues to provide high-quality, secure, and sustainable services. This commitment is realized by implementing ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 37001, and ISO 45001 standards. These standards establish requirements for quality management, information security, anti-bribery, and occupational health and safety. This commitment is evidenced by obtaining regularly updated international standard certificates.

The success of PT Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri in achieving and implementing these four ISO certifications is a manifestation of a high commitment to international standards. The company not only attains competitive advantages but also contributes to building a healthy, fair, and sustainable business environment in Indonesia.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems. It ensures the consistency of product and service quality provided by the company, leading to increased customer satisfaction and stronger trust. Key elements of ISO 9001:2015 include customer focus, leadership, people involvement, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making, and relationship management. With the attainment of ISO 9001:2015, Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri has met international requirements for quality assurance in its products and services.

ISO/IEC 27001
ISO 27001 is an international standard governing information security management, protecting the company’s information assets from all forms of threats and cybersecurity risks, ensuring data privacy. In implementing information security management systems, there are three aspects: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

ISO 37001
ISO 37001 is an international standard for anti-bribery management systems designed to assist companies and organizations in establishing, implementing, maintaining, and enhancing anti-bribery compliance programs. Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri has implemented an Anti-Bribery Management System (SMAP) and is in the process of obtaining ISO 37001 International Certification.

ISO 45001
ISO 45001 is a standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS), prioritizing the safety and health of workers through the implementation of various standards and procedures, leading to increased productivity and a conducive working environment. The ISO 45001 certification obtained by Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri is strong evidence that occupational health and safety are priorities in the company’s environment.


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