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PT Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri Forms CSIRT to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri form CSIRT to Prevent Cyber Attacks

As technology and digitalization continue to rapidly evolve, cybersecurity becomes increasingly vulnerable to challenges. PT Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri (MTM) has partnered with the State Cyber and Code Agency (BSSN) to address the challenges of managing security risks by forming a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) to strengthen cybersecurity. CSIRT is a team established by a company to respond to and manage information security incidents or security incidents that occur in the company’s information system. This team is responsible for quickly and effectively identifying, analyzing, and responding to security threats.

PT Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri has recorded two achievements in the formation of the CSIRT team supported by BSSN, namely becoming the first stakeholder of the BSSN KSSI (Cyber Security and Code Industry) Directorate to register CSIRT in 2023 and MTM was able to complete the BSSN CSIRT process with the fastest registration time, only within 2 months. MTM-CSIRT is the Cyber Incident Response Team of PT Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri. MTM-CISRT can help improve security, responsibility, and the company’s image, as well as help reduce costs and accelerate responses to security incidents.

The goal of MTM-CSIRT is to implement Information Technology Governance in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards, provide the best and most advanced cybersecurity solutions for customers, and provide responsive and high-quality services to ensure customer satisfaction. The following are some benefits that companies can gain from CSIRT:

• Enhance information security By having a CSIRT, companies can strengthen their information system security. The CSIRT team can help identify potential security threats, analyze security risks, and evaluate weaknesses in the company’s IT infrastructure. CSIRT can also help companies fix security vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of future attacks.

• Accelerate response to security incidents With a ready and trained CSIRT, companies can respond quickly and effectively to security incidents. This can help minimize negative impacts on the business and the company’s reputation. In emergency situations, time is of the essence, and CSIRT can help companies speed up their response to attacks.

• Increase security awareness CSIRT can help increase employee security awareness and educate them about security policies and actions to be taken in emergency situations. This team can help explain the consequences of unsafe actions or violated policies and provide advice on better ways to protect company information.

By having a CSIRT, PT Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri shows its commitment to information security and social responsibility to the public and builds trust with customers/investors. This is a positive step towards ensuring the safety and security of the company’s information system and protecting the interests of all stakeholders.


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