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Annual Kick Off Meeting 2022

On 22-23th December 2021 at Leuweung Geledegan Ecolodge, Bogor, Indonesia, PT Media Telekomunikasi Mandiri held an Annual Kick Off Meeting for 2022. This event is an annual routine event for the Company in order to deliver a 2021 business performance evaluation and create a work plan 2022. The Annual Kick Off Meeting was attended by the entire Board of Directors, Commissioners and Heads of the company including the Sales and Presales team as the Company’s revenue generator.

After the business presentation, the Company also invited the Resource Person to provide insight about Cyber ​​Security & Resilience in relation to the Company’s future business, namely DR. Amin Soetomo from Swiss German University.

In order to achieve the implementation of the Company’s business strategy as outlined in the 5-Pillar Strategy (Manifesto Panca Renjana), on this occasion, the Board of Directors also submitted a plan for Changes in the Company’s Organizational Structure from the Board of Directors Level to the Employee Level by strengthening functions that support the achievement of the Company’s targets. . Effectively from January 1st, 2022.
The Company determined the position changes in the Board of Directors as follows:

President Director & CEO : Nurul Kowim
Director & Chief Information Officer (DCIO): Sugeng Jadmoko
Chief Business Officer (CBO): Bachtiyar Subiyantoro
Chief Operation Officer (COO): M. Abdulloh
Chief Business Support Officer (CBSO): Johan Wahyudi

Using the MISSION POSSIBLE slogan with quite challenging targets, all Functions are required to prepare unusual work plans and activities to achieve extraordinary results.

May Allah launch all plans and facilitate the achievement of the targets set by the Company.

Mission…… Possible!!!


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