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6 Intelligent Automation Technologies in 2022

AI is one of the example of technology automation

There are many different technologies and styles of intelligent automation (also known as intelligent process automation or IPA and hyper-automation). Robotic process automation, also known as RPA, is combined with a number of other cognitive technologies to form intelligent automation (IA) solutions. End-to-end process and easier, more adaptable workflows are both made possible by IA for enterprises. Consequently, the top 10 intelligent automation technologies to watch in 2022 are listed below.

1. Machine learning and AI

AI and machine learning are perhaps the two most straightforward examples of automation that come to mind when thinking about intelligent automation technologies. Both mimic how people learn by using digital data together with other components like remote inputs and algorithms. Most often, predictions are made using AI and machine learning based on analysis of historical data and past behavior. However, this industry is expanding quickly, and these technologies are being used in an increasing number of contexts.

2. Collaborative Robots

Although collaborative robots are still relatively new, they have already become an essential component of many businesses, allowing them to prevent hazardous situations in the workplace and provide a safe atmosphere for employees. “At the moment, there are four main types of collaborative robots: safety monitored stop, speed and separation, power and force limiting, and hand directing,” explains Meryl Perlman, an expert from the writing service reviews website Writing Judge. It’s wonderful to see that these robots are continuously being created and improved because each variety has proven useful in different ways.

3. Process Intelligence

The main application of automation process intelligence in business is the analysis of various processes to produce a specific process model of these operations. In other words, it examines a certain business workflow and offers insights to organizations. You can identify trouble areas in your business processes and greatly enhance your operating model with the use of process intelligence. These analyses are especially helpful for companies that use non-linear processes, as the complexity of the relationships makes it difficult to fully examine the entire workflow. 

4. Process Mining

IA and process management both include automation in process mining. By utilizing so-called event logs, process mining’s main goal is to support operational process analysis. It is intended to demonstrate what actual actions taken by people, machines, and entire businesses.

5. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing, also referred to as NLP, is a subfield of the more general disciplines of AI, computer science, and linguistics that is closely related to IA. NLP focuses on how computers and human language interact and relate to one another. More specifically, NLP is employed to comprehend how natural language processing and analysis should be implemented in computer programs. Large amounts of this kind of data are typically the basis for NLP. 

6. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

RPA is one of the example of technology automation
Image: Robotic Process Automation Concept

Last but not least, software technology known as robotic process automation (RPA) is used to control and manage software robots. These are then applied to software and digital systems to simulate human behavior. Such robots, for instance, can mimic repetitive human movements, forecast outcomes, categorize behaviors, scan documents, find content, and improve decision-making.

All in all, intelligent technologies continue to advance and support business process innovation. In order to understand how these technologies, operate and how you may utilize them to further your own objectives, it is a good idea to keep up with the most recent advancements in the field of IA. Regardless matter whether you are more interested in natural language processing or robotic process automation, learning about all of the IA technologies will help you have a better grasp of the industry as a whole. 

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